Glass-Fused-To-Steel Liquid Storage Tanks

    Glass-fused-to-steel has become the premium water and liquid storage technology leader. Aquastore owners choose glass-fused-to-steel technology over other tank designs for several reasons:

    • Never EVER needs painting
    • Aquastore tanks are manufactured using Vitrium coating technology enhanced with Ti02
    • Edgecoat II technology, the ONLY process in the world that provides optimum glass encapsulation on all (4) four sides of the sheet
    • Greater lifetime value compared to other tank designs
    • Fastest construction time – Easy assembly without cranes or special equipment
    • Expandable to accommodate future requirements
    • Specific tank designs, options and accessories to meet customer needs
    • Lowest life cycle cost of all other available tank designs

    Engineered For Performance

    • Aquastore tank designs incorporate recognized standards assuring high quality and long-lasting municipal and industrial service liquid storage tanks. Materials are carefully selected and inspected for conformance to rigid specifications. These design and material standards are proven in thousands of tanks all over the world.  CST manufactures tanks in an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility.

    Cathodic Protection

    Aquastore’s cathodic protection system consists of sacrificial anodes that mitigate corrosion and provide protection to internal submerged surfaces of the tank. The cathodic protection system is incorporated into the Aquastore tank’s warranty. The system is simple, reliable and requires only minimum inspection and maintenance.

    Aquastore History

    CST (formerly A.O. Smith) began manufacturing glass-fused-to-steel tanks for the agricultural market under the name Harvestore®. In the 1970s, Aquastore tanks were developed for use in municipal and industrial water and wastewater applications. The use of Aquastore tanks has since expanded to include numerous industrial liquid applications and digesters. Now more than 100,000 glass-fused-to-steel tanks have been installed in over 70 countries around the world.


    CST’s Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel storage tanks are ideal for the following applications:

    Potable Water Storage

    Whether multiple tanks over 5MM gallons or a single tank of 5,000 gallons, CST’s Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel water tank provides the lowest life cycle cost. Aquastore tanks are durable, easy to construct and never need repainting.

    Composite Elevated Liquid Storage

    What better place to have a tank that never needs painting than 100 feet up in the air. Fast construction times, ultra-low maintenance and expandability are just some of the features that are causing engineers to specify Aquastore CET’s.

    Industrial Liquids Storage

    CST storage tanks are ideally suited for thousands of industrial liquid applications.  CST has a complete product line of storage technologies, custom engineered for each application.

    BioEnergy/Digesters Storage

    CST has been designing and manufacturing digester, biofuel and biomass glass-fused-to-steel storage tanks with the most comprehensive lines of roof and cover options for more than 100 years.

    Wastewater Storage

    CST manufactures low maintenance, high durability tanks for almost every aboveground wastewater application. Aquastore tanks are utilized for clarifiers, aeration, trickling filters, sludge tanks, storm water retention tanks, flow equalizations, and sequencing batch reactor.

    Landfill Leachate Storage

    Aquastore tanks are manufactured using glassed-fused-to-steel technology – inert interior and exterior coating that resist corrosion by the toughest liquids.  Because of Aquastore’s proprietary glass-fused-to-steel technology, our tanks out perform any other leachate storage tank.

    Aquastore primary and secondary tanks are flexible in design and can expand to meet your growing leachate capacity.  Glass-fused-to-steel tanks require very low maintenance and never need repainting.



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