Chime Panel Tanks

    CST Storage designs and manufacturers Chime Panel Bolted Storage Tanks.  CST’s chime panel designs are:

    • Economical
    • Features factory formed flanges at horizontal seams for added structural strength
    • Special gaskets and sealants create leak-proof joints

    CSTs’ chime panel design offers the BEST expansion adaptability by adding capacity without full disassembly.  CST’s complete line of Chime storage solutions include:

    PetroTec CS:  In 1916, CST took the leadership role in developing a long-term solution for storing petroleum – a volatile, corrosive material.  The ultimate result was a bolted panel tank design that API recognized in 1929.  Since then, CST has manufactured over 100,000 certified tanks and remains the only API-12B certified tank manufacturer.

    CST has invested in continuously improving upon the non-standard aspects of the API-12B design by factory-coating the panels and developing additional gasket materials. By combining the basic API-12B design with other innovative designs, CST can also provide expanded capacities and accommodate additional cover options.

    HydroTec CS:  HydroTec tank systems are engineered and fabricated to satisfy your unique specifications.  CST Storage (CST) utilizes our own professional engineers who have designed tanks for a wide range of industry specific standards and applications.  They are committed to recommending the right HydroTec tank solution for your application.  HydroTec CS storage tanks are constructed with vertical panels and use gaskets.  The tanks are generally scaffold built so they do not require any special jacks to construct.  The chime joints add additional stiffness to the tank’s structure.

    Dry Bulk Chime Tanks

    TecTank CP:  TecTank CP tanks offer the best expansion adaptability by adding capacity without full disassembly of your dry bulk tanks.  CST’s TecTank CP tanks are field constructed by CST crews utilizing our 3rd party safety certified & PE stamped scaffold design.

    Chime Panel Tank Construction

    Flat panel tanks are typically assembled from the top down by using a jacking system thus eliminating the need for cranes. These tanks are most often built by factory trained building crews who specialize in jacking system construction.

    1. First ring of panels and roof are safely constructed at ground level
    2. Tank is jacked up and successive rings are constructed
    3. The final ring is constructed and tank is lowered onto foundation ring

    Chime panel tank assembly typically involves scaffolding methods.  Special scaffolding mounts and assembly ladders increase construction efficiencies and safety.

    1. First ring of panels is constructed directly on the foundation
    2. Successive rings are constructed by craning panels on lower rings
    3. Cover is constructed using scaffolding on the ground or craned into place



    Frac Sand

    TecTank FP frac sand storage systems can be built up to three-times faster than other tanks saving the end user in construction and lifecycle costs.

    • Fast construction with the least environmental footprint
    • Flexible designs with expandability options through dedicated, in-house engineering staff
    • Truck-through and train-through silos make logistics easy
    • Bolted panels and welded tanks manufactured out of carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum
    • All tank panels are fabricated and coated in the factory


    From grain silos to transfer stations to terminals, TecTank FP’s fully customizable design meets the needs of the grain storage markets around the world.


    When it comes to storing dried food, foodstuffs and food ingredients, CST’s TecTank FP storage tanks and silos meet the critical demands for material flow and transferability.

    Mineral, Mining and Aggregate

    CST’s TecTank storage tanks and silos have been relied upon to store lime, gypsum frac sand and many other products all backed by the service and support of CST.


    Dry chemicals often present coating, durability, and flow issues that require a fully engineered tank from a company with the experience and knowledge of CST and a product with the quality of TecTank FP.

    Power Generation

    Coal and wood mass are just a couple of the storage needs that CST’s storage tanks and silos have satisfied.

    Wood and Biomass

    Storing Biomass and wood mass is just the beginning of the challenge that CST’s TecTank FP storage tanks and silos are designed to meet every day. Contact a local sales representative to learn more about your options.



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