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Extruded Flat Panel Covers

CST Covers Extruded Flat Panel Design provides superior strength and clear-span capability to 18 feet.

Extruded Flat Panel Cover

Extruded flat panel covers are easily installed and removed.


Our extruded panel cover design is available in clear spans up to 18 feet (4.57m) and custom designed to meet your project's specific functional and design loading requirements. All aluminum design constructed of 6063-T6 , 6061-T6 and 6005A-T6 aluminum structural members that ensures quality, durability and longevity.

Extruded flat panel covers are easily installed and removed. The lifting weight of any cover can be designed to meet your specific requirements. CST Covers optimizes each extruded cover design to provide the most economical solution with the fewest individual panels to meet your needs.


CST Covers Flat Panel cover solutions are ideal for the following applications:

Potable Water Storage

Regardless of your potable water storage design, CST Covers can provide the right flat cover solutions to meet your needs. CST Covers Aluminum Flat Panel designs are used effectively to cover any shape of basin or above ground storage tank. The low headroom designs are perfect to accommodate other operating equipment or accessories and the high strength low deflection capabilities of aluminum make it the optimal choice to cover your basin.

Wastewater Treatment Processes

CST Covers unique formed panel and extruded flat panel designs are the preferred choice for wastewater basins worldwide. Our products have the design flexibility to cover just about any size or shape basin for a perfect fit that helps fight odor and protect the process and provide a safe surface for operating personnel. Our flat panel cover designs are easy to install and remove if necessary.

Special Applications

Our aluminum flat covers can be designed for practically any cover need you may have. Call our professional engineering staff to review your special needs and to find out how many options you really have with CST Covers.