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Sloped Steel Roofs

Sloped steel decks or roofs are well suited as a cover for tanks where access to the roof for operation or frequent maintenance is necessary.

Sloped Steel Roofs

CST provides many different steel roofs for storage tanks.


CST's supported and unsupported flat steel decks, or roofs, provide an economical solution to many liquid and dry containment needs where safe, regular access to accessories on the deck is desired.

Based on years of experience and field-proven assembly this type of cover is an excellent option for numerous applications. Sloped steel decks are usually designed with 12:1 slope but other slopes can be constructed.

Proven Reliability

CST has optimized the design through finite elements analysis, proprietary design programs, new materials and almost 100 years of field experience. You get a steel roof that meets design codes and is safe and reliable.

Supported and Unsupported Designs

CST unsupported flat deck roofs are constructed up to 32 feet (9.8 m) and supported designs up to and beyond 100 feet (33.8 m) Supported decks can be supported by a single center column or contain multiple columns depending on the size and loading.

Access to Accessories

CST's flat decks can be designed to accommodate a variety of accessories from valves to hatches. Safe and easy access to these accessories for regular maintenance and use is often important, so CST's near-flat design and standard safety railing designs are significant benefits.


Sloped steel decks and roofs are well suited for practically any storage application you may have. Our professional design engineers will provide you with the proper guidance in selecting the right roof for your storage tank.