Agricultural Digesters

    CST’s line of agricultural digester storage tanks and cover solutions take the guess work out of choosing the right containment envelope for each type of digestive process.

    CST Agricultural Digesters

    CST has been manufacturing agricultural tanks for over 60 years throughout the world, so we are not new to the market. As we developed our digester product line, we had a better understanding of the challenges of integrating the proper cover with the proper tank. Now CST uses this knowledge to offer turnkey projects to a wide range of agricultural markets, whether your digester project is manure based or a mixture of digestive substrates. With CST taking the responsibility for recommending the cover and tank together properly, it takes the challenges and headaches away from our customers and frees up their time to manage other aspects of the project.

    The following chart shows the types of tanks CST manufactures and their recommended applications:

    Component Comparison
    Panel Type Zone Description
    VITRIUM™ Glass-Fused-to-Steel
    • Liquid
    • Gas
    • High specification 3-coat glass coating
    • High performance
    • Low maintenance
    • Sidewall, covers, floors
    OptiBond™ Epoxy Coating System
    • Liquid
    • Gas
    • Proprietary Thermoset coating
    • Exceptional performance
    • Sidewall, covers, floors, manway, flanges, baffles
    Stainless Steel
    • Liquid
    • Grade 316 or 304
    • Excellent resistance gas zone
    • Sidewall, covers, floors, manway, flanges, baffles
    Uncoated Steel
    • Liquid
    • Gas
    • Can be used as sidewall in non-corrosive liquid zones

    Covers that can be integrated with CST tanks include:

    • Externally Supported Roof
    • Knuckle Roof
    • Dual Membrane
    • Membrane Gas Holders

    Featured Projects

    • Dry Bulk & Liquid Storage Tanks

    • Architectural Covers

    • Aluminum Domes, Reservoir & Flat Covers