If it’s water, wastewater or industrial liquids, we’ve got it covered.

    CST’s HydroTec tank systems are the comprehensive storage solution for any fluid and are recognized as the industry standard as the epoxy storage solution.  HydroTec tank systems can be manufactured, erected and in operation up to three times faster than field welded or concrete applications.  Every HydroTec tank is manufactured in a factory-controlled environment.  The result is a precise steel panel production teamed with an optimized coating process.

    HydroTec systems offer experienced, fast and economical construction with a proven track record of storage success.  With over 250,000 epoxy coated tanks in 125 countries performing in thousands of applications, no other company can match CST’s design, manufacturing and construction experience.

    HydroTec Storage Tank Systems: High quality at the lowest cost per gallon

    • Low installed up-front costs
    • Longer tank life = lower life cycle costs = quicker ROI
    • Fast tank construction save you time and money
    • HydroTec tank systems are the “Green” choice in liquid storage

    HydroTec Designs

    The performance and quality of HydroTec storage tanks are available in three primary designs.  All are manufactured under the strictest of quality process controls in ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities, all are designed using the latest engineering tools and all are supported by CST’s seasoned project management teams.


    HydroTec TS

    HydroTec TS storage tanks incorporate horizontally-oriented panels, mastic sealer and 4-corner joint designs.  The tanks are built top down using construction process using jacks so that construction does not require high scaffolding and the tanks are easily expandable.


    HydroTec CS

    HydroTec CS storage tanks are constructed with vertical panels and use gaskets.  The tanks are generally scaffold built so they do not require any special jacks to construct. The chime joints add additional stiffness to the tank’s structure.


    HydroTec Welded

    HydroTec Welded storage tanks are generally one-piece welded construction although tanks larger than 80 ft (m) are available in multi-piece designs.  These ready-built tanks minimize costly on-site construction time and can be pre-fitted with customer supplied equipment.

    HydroTec Specification Options

    • Material Options

      • Factory-coated carbon steel
      • Galvanized steel
      • Stainless steel
      • Aluminum
    • Sizes/Capacities

      • Standard diameters available from 9′ (2.8m) to 148′ (45m)
      • Factory welded diameters from 6′ to 15′
      • Standard designs: AWWA, D103-09, NFPA, API, NSF
      • Standard tank capacities range from 4,000 to 3 million US gallons (15 m3to 11,000 m3)
      • Large capacity tanks available
    • Bottom Options

      • Steel
        • Flat
        • 1:12 sloped
        • Drop Bottom
      • Concrete
        • Embedded starter ring used
    • Hardware

      • Hot-dipped galvanized
      • Encapsulated nuts and bolts available
      • EPDM gaskets standard
      • Specialty gaskets available for high temperatures or special contents

    Superior coating technology with proven performance

    CST’s proprietary OptiBond™ coating process provides maximum corrosion resistance resulting in long tank performance life. Our experience has led to continuous technology and process improvements that has resulted in the finest epoxy coating process available in the industry.

    The OptiBond coating process featuring TRICO BOND EP® and TRICO BOND SD® epoxy is a next generation coating system derived from years of in-field experience and performance data.

    Designed, manufactured and erected fast for your specific needs.

    Need a tank that’s going to provide premium storage service with low maintenance, and need it now? A HydroTec storage tank system can be manufactured, installed and in operation up to three-times faster than field-welded or concrete applications. HydroTec systems are engineered to satisfy your unique specifications.

    CST maintains its own professional engineers and designers in-house who have designed tanks for a wide range of industry specific standards and applications. They are committed to recommending the right HydroTec storage tank solution for your application.


    HydroTec® storage tanks are ideal for the following applications:

    Potable Water

    The OptiBond™ epoxy coating system on every HydroTec storage tank provides a durable and economical storage solution for all types of potable water installations.

    Power Generation

    HydroTec storage tanks are perfect for boiler make-up water, de-mineralized water, fuels and liquid chemical applications in power generating facilities

    Fire Protection

    HydroTec CS storage tanks are the fire protection industry standard and have been installed successfully to support fire suppression systems in thousands of different locations.

    Industrial Liquids

    HydroTec epoxy coated storage tanks are used to store a variety of liquid products including food, chemicals, mining fluids and slurries, pharmaceuticals and process fluids.


    HydroTec storage tanks are the wastewater process equipment manufacturers preferred storage products to deliver reliable results for operators of wastewater treatment facilities.



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