CST’s truss systems create structures that are elegant and structurally sound using state-of-the-art design and manufacturing tools.


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    • CST all-aluminum truss systems are a very efficient and cost effective approach to covering space. Certain projects require reinforcement of the single layer lattice work. CST utilizes discreet trussing to reinforce framing and minimizes the visual impact of having structure in the three dimensional space allowing for pure light transmission and minimal framing.

    Open or Enclosed Lattice

    • Trusses can be manufactured using a variety of extrusions, paint options and attachment methodologies to individualize the aesthetics and lend diversity to the final design. Alternatively, the trusses can be enclosed with distinctive cladding for acoustic or other design requirements. As with all of CST’s aluminum structural components, the non corrosive framing ensures that there is no visual or hidden issues with rust or corrosion as may occur with painted steel members.

    Custom Fabrication

    CST’s truss systems are custom designed to the customer’s exact specifications and the project’s structural requirements.



    CST is known throughout the world as the premier designer and manufacturer of geodesic domes, structural systems and assocative cladding for architectural and the many storage markets. Where quality, performance and ease of installation are important, architects and engineers around the world trust CST to provide a solution to make their ideas come to life.

    Our palette of structural systems and the ability to design utilizing any type of cladding element in the marketplaces allows our products to be used in virtually any application. Exterior structures where corrosion plays a factor in the design drivers mandates a system constructed of non-corrosive aluminum components.

    Some typical applications are:

    • Dome Roofs
    • Skylights
    • Canopies and Entryways
    • Roofs
    • Atriums
    • Vertical Glazed Applications
    • And many more…



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