CST safeguards its customer’s products and reduces operational costs through a variety of storage containment, material and coating options.


    • CST is the world’s leading manufacturer of dry bulk storage silos and aluminum domes and vaults – all from one source. Whether it is our expertise in manufacturing tanks since 1893 and applying high-tech coatings to them since the 1920s, or the precision manufactured, low maintenance aluminum used to manufacture our domes and vaults, you can trust CST to provide a solution that will outlast the competition while also providing the lowest life cycle costs.  But don’t take our word for it.  Ask one of our sales team members for the names of the owners and operators from some of our 250,000 epoxy coated tanks and 20,000 covers located in more than 125 countries.

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    127+ Year Legacy of Silos, Domes and Vaults

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    • CST’s bolted silo manufacturing dates back to its roots as Columbian Steel Tank Company™, Peabody TecTank and Columbian TecTank®, and our dome and vault manufacturing founded by Temcor and Conservatek®. Our storage solutions are custom engineered to our customer’s exact specifications, designed using state-of-the-art CAD and stress modeling tools, and then manufactured in one of our five ISO Certified manufacturing facilities located in the US and Europe.  Our dedicated Project Management teams ensure a smooth purchasing, manufacturing and delivery process while providing a single point of contact throughout the engineering, manufacturing and construction processes.

    CST now offers TecTank FP® to its product portfolio.  The new design of TecTank FP includes an optimized bolt pattern, increased steel thickness, reduced hardware and fewer penetration points.  The new jackable flat panel bolted design of TecTank FP is superior to competitive designs in the dry bulk industry and will be available in short lead time pre-configured models and fully customizable designs.  With the addition of TecTank FP, CST becomes the only tank supplier in the world to provide both a flat panel, jack-built tank and chime panel (CP) scaffold-built tank, capable of safely and economically being installed on every diverse site condition imaginable.  

    Direct Flow Channel (DFC) Blending

    Direct Flow Channel (DFC) blending combines the quality of CST silos with a proprietary design for gravity blending of material in the silo to minimize the effects of batch variables.  Based on design parameters, analysis and field experience developed by CST’s engineers over the last four decades, we have developed a solution that will increase flow efficiencies, reduce cleanout costs and save our customers money.

    Integrated Loading Platforms and Accessories 

    CST’s ability to satisfy our customer’s needs, improve construction times and save them money doesn’t stop with providing just silos, domes or vaults.  We can design and manufacture silos for drive-through and train-through operation as well as integrate accessories such as walkways, level indicators, load cells units.  Our partners are also capable of providing a variety of material handling solutions for loading and unloading all of our storage solutions.

    FIFO and LIFO Designs 

    CST can manufacture silos with standard hopper slopes for either first-in-first-out (FIFO) or last-in-first-out (LIFO) flow. Our engineering teams can also custom design silos and hoppers to meet customer’s specific flow characteristic needs.


    • TecTank FP –  TecTank FP bolted jackable silos are designed with an optimized bolt pattern, increased steel thickness, reduced hardware and fewer penetration points.  TecTank FP is available in short lead time pre-configured models and fully customizable designs.
    • TecTank CP – CST’s gasketed chime panel tanks are manufactured to fit customer’s exact specifications and are API-12B Monogrammed (License Number 12B-0004, Parsons, KS facility).
    • Welded Tanks – CST welded tanks are manufactured in one-piece designs up to 15 ft. (4.6 m) in diameter and 85 ft. (26 m) long and multi-piece designs greater than 85 ft. (26 m).
    • Aluminum Domes – CST aluminum domes are structurally efficient and lightweight, they maximize bulk storage capacity, minimize foundation costs and provide dependable protection form the elements while remaining virtually maintenance free.



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