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Power Generation

Power generation is a mission-critical industry where reliability, safety, fast construction times, turnkey operation, and regulatory compliance are vital.


Power Generation


Focus on Power Generation

CST Industries can design, manufacture and install the right storage systems for all of your dry material power generation related applications. Factory welded silos and bolted smooth wall silos are available up to 2.5 million cubic feet and over 2 million gallons. Our product range can handle many applications such as:

Largest Portfolio of Solutions

Whether the product you need to store is liquid or dry, our portfolio of products has a match that perfectly meets your quality, financial and longevity needs all from one company. We will consult with you and advise you on the benefits and features of all our solutions to ensure the correct match with your objectives. That's the advantage of dealing with a company like CST Industries.

Mission Critical Performance

When you need a mission critical storage solution that is manufactured by a global company with proven reliable designs and turnkey capabilities from concept to commissioning to service, then CST Industries may be the perfect match. As the world's largest manufacturer of factory coated tanks and covers, no other company can offer the range of products from HydroTec® and PetroTec® Epoxy coated tanks to Aquastore® glass-fused-to steel tanks, and from flat top steel roofs to geodesic domes.

Regulatory Compliance and Project Management

We have the depth of engineers to work with you to be sure our solution meets all your regulatory compliance needs, our staff of internal, dedicated project managers improves customer satisfaction and on time delivery throughout all phases of the project, so you have a single point of contact that takes your questions and owns them to completion just like a person on your own team.

Corrosive Products

Many of these applications store corrosive materials that can corrode and degrade a tank quickly. CST Industries' proprietary OptiBond™ process for thermally cured, factory applied coatings has been field proven in these applications and provides the longest life and lowest maintenance costs of any coating system on the market.

Harsh Environments

Whether your storage need is required to withstand the coastal, slate-spray environment, the sun -beaten areas of the equatorial regions or just the everyday dust and gravel of plant traffic, CST Storage solutions are just as tough on the outside as on the inside.

Our industry leading liquid external coatings of varnish on powder coat on the outside of our tanks, this combination of layers has significant advantages in UV protection of powder on powder systems. Even our Aluminum domes are designed to remain low maintenance in all harsh environments.

Fast Construction Times

CTT's bolted modular design allows for fast and easy construction on the job-site and does not require field coating, field welding or heavy cranes and machinery. It can also be expanded to handle increased volume in the future. Erection times are typically less than half the time it takes to construct a concrete or field welded tank.

Safety First

If safety is as important to you as it is to us, ask us about our ultra-safe construction process for flat panel tanks that virtually eliminates scaffolding and high level work. Safety is such a focus for us that our epoxy tank manufacturing plant surpassed 1 million man-hours without a loss of time injury.

CIT(Component In Tank) Technology

CST Industries can also provide silo and storage tanks with your specified components already installed in the tank. These can include pumps, level indicators, bin vents, lights, heaters, material handling valves, aerations system and control panels

Digesters CST Industries manufactures complete anaerobic digester containment and storage solutions. CST Industries is capable of engineering and manufacturing digesters and storage tanks from glass-fused-to-steel, epoxy, stainless or a hybrid of any of these materials and integrate them with flexible membranes, steel roofs and aluminum domes for a wide variety of temperatures and pressures. With 100's of digesters worldwide, CST industries is the only company in the world that can supply such a variety of integrated tanks and covers.