CST’s aluminum vaults are an ideal solution for covering materials such as limestone, clinker, alumina, coke or other aggregates.


    Custom Aluminum Vaults

    CST custom aluminum vaults can be designed to meet the demands of almost any bulk storage application.  Aluminum is the ideal material to handle outdoor applications where the entire structure is exposed to the elements.  CST vaults are designed to accommodate many different reclaimer systems used in bulk storage facilities.

    Our experience in building geodesic dome structures and custom architectural space frames give us the ideal background to provide the right vault cover solution for your needs.

    Contact CST with your specific application information and our professional engineers will design a solution that is functional, flexible and provides you with a low maintenance solution that will last a lifetime.


    Coal Storage – Power Generation

    Bulk coal storage facilities and other dry fuel storage demand protection from the environment to deliver maximum fuel efficiency in power generation.  A CST vault solution will be flexible to meet the needs of your operators while protecting the fuel source from direct environmental elements.

    Bulk Raw Materials

    Many industrial manufacturing operations have large bulk raw materials storage needs.  These materials such as limestone, clinker, alumina, coke or other aggregates many times need to be protected from the environment but without hampering operations.  A custom CST vault meets those demands.

    Transportation – Infrastructure

    Dry bulk aggregates are used in highway and infrastructure construction and maintenance and are stored outside in the elements in many facilities.  CST’s vaults protect these materials gaining our customers’ maximum utilization of the materials in the field.

    Terminal Storage

    Large port and terminal facilities handling import and export of large quantities of bulk materials are served well by CST Covers vault designs.



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