Municipal Potable Water Storage Tanks 

    CST’s AQUASTORE® tanks with VITRIUM™ glass-fused-to-steel (enamel) coating offer the lowest total life cycle costs. The glass coating on the tank panels never needs recoating during the entire life of the tank, saving tank owners money.  This solution has quickly become the preferred choice in municipal water storage.

    CST’s TecTank™ (formerly Columbian Steel Tank Company™, Peabody TecTank and Columbian TecTank®) tanks offer the durability of factory-coated and cured epoxy coatings using our proprietary OptiBond™ process offer a low upfront cost.  Both glass and epoxy coating options are NSF approved.

    CST’s in-house professional engineering teams and ISO 9001:2015 Certified manufacturing process allow CST covers to be custom designed to meet each customer’s specific needs.  This includes ground storage tanks in excess of 6 million gallons, composite elevated tanks greater than 2 million gallons, silos with heights exceeding 100 feet and aluminum domes and covers spanning greater than 200 feet.  CST also supplies smaller tanks and other type covers that can be manufactured and constructed safely and quickly.

    CST also offers galvanized tanks that are NSF approved. CST’s Galvanized tanks are a cost effective way of storing water when other types of tanks are not practical. 

    Municipal Water Storage Covers

    CST’s OptiDome® dome roof and reservoir covers offer custom designs to fit any size and shape tank or reservoir while offering the unmatched low-maintenance and ease of assembly of aluminum. 

    CST potable water storage tanks and covers can be designed to AWWA, EN, DWI, ISO and most other domestic and international standards to comply with local, regional and national building practices.  Our proprietary design tools, finite element analysis programs and 3D CAD systems make design optimization simple and efficient.  This means that the solutions we offer our clients are safe, cost-effective and backed by CST since 1893.

    Our development of proprietary coatings, the creation of unique coating application processes and knowledge of aluminum structures means that we are not satisfied with just being the largest tank and cover manufacture, we want to continue to be the best one.  We continuously invest in R&D to support our goals of optimizing designs, continuously improving our current products and developing even more new products to meet the future needs of our customers.

    Having manufactured over 375,000 glass-fused-to-steel and epoxy coated tanks and 20,000 covers in over 125 countries, striving for product optimization is only matched by our extensive design, manufacturing and field service experience.  From the development of needs and concepts to final acceptance and one of the best warranties in the industry, no one matches CST’s commitment to quality, the customer and the betterment of the potable water industry.


    • AQUASTORE®- Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel tanks are the most recommended water tank in rural water districts where overall cost, dependability and water quality are important attributes of water storage tanks.  Larger tanks for urban use are also popular.
    • TecTank- TecTank factory coated epoxy tanks are the premier epoxy tanks for municipal and industrial water applications where quality is important but upfront cost plays a more important factor in tank section.
    • Galvanized Tanks- CST’s galvanized bolted tanks fill an important niche in the overall water storage tank selection portfolio providing very low upfront cost options when long-term durability and environmental degradation are less important factors.
    • Aluminum Domes- CST Cover’s formerly Temcor and Conservatek aluminum geodesic domes are the world’s leading domes for potable water storage tanks of all types.  They are precision manufactured, easily assembled and relatively maintenance free.
    • Steel Covers and Roofs- CST’s coated steel and glass-fused-to-steel tank covers offer alternatives to aluminum domes for smaller diameter tanks.



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