Galvanized tanks are an economical way of storing liquids and are primarily used for the storage of oil and gas, fire water, industrial liquids, potable water and wastewater applications.  For over 130 years, CST through its heritage of Columbian Steel Tank and Columbian TecTank® has provided galvanized storage tank systems.  CST was the first manufacturer in the world to receive its API-12B monogram certification (License Number 12B-0004, Parsons, KS facility).

    Protection by Sacrificial Action

    Zinc used in the galvanizing process corrodes in preference to steel and sacrifices itself to protect the steel. The corrosion products from the zinc are deposited on the steel resealing it from the atmosphere and therefore preventing corrosion.


    CST’s galvanized tanks are ideal for the following applications:

    Fire Protection

    Galvanized tanks are ideally suited for fire protection water storage. 

    Industrial Water

    Galvanized tanks provide an economical solution to any industrial water application.

    Potable Water and Wastewater

    In some countries, galvanized tanks are accepted for use with potable water and wastewater applications. They are an economical option for any of these applications when approved.




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