OptiDome All-Aluminum Flush Batten Dome Roof

    CST’s OptiDome is a technologically advanced, sleek, flush batten aluminum dome that delivers superior stability, functionality and aesthetics.


    The flush batten OptiDome is a next generation aluminum geodesic dome from CST. Combining premium features and incorporating the engineering experience and heritage of Temcor and Conservatek®, OptiDome sets a new standard in engineered aluminum cover technology.  The new design features of OptiDome include:

    • Flush Batten Design 
    • Protection from UV and Sealant Degradation
    • Gasketed Stainless Steel Fasteners
    • Eliminates Ponding
    • Easy to Install 
    • Long Lasting
    • Low Maintenance
    • Environmentally Friendly

    • CST’s advanced OptiDome design complies with torsional buckling requirements which have been adopted by Eurocode, 2010 Aluminum Design Manual and International Building Code 2012.  The Double Web I-Beam, combined with aluminum’s excellent strength-to-weight ratio, provides reliable performance under the most stringent environmental conditions including heavy snow loads and high wind speeds.

      OptiDome is designed to meet the latest design codes including Eurocode, Aluminum Association’s 2010 Aluminum Design Manual, IBC 2012, AWWA D108 and API 650G.

      Every CST aluminum cover is custom designed to meet the specific requirements of each project and be engineered for any snow, wind or suspended load capacity, as well as span-to-rise-ratio.  With the ability to cover spans of 1,000 feet or more, OptiDome offers a wide range of applications without unsightly beams, girders or columns.

    The unique properties of OptiDome make it far superior to other materials and alloys used for covers due to its:

    • Corrosion Resistance
    • Low Lifetime Maintenance Cost
    • Clear-Span Capability
    • Fast & Low-Cost Construction
    • Design Flexibility
    • Aluminum is a “Green Material”

    At the core of OptiDome is its superior batten seal technology. This system increases water shedding and eliminates ponding, even on a low profile design, while providing a water-tight cover solution.  Featuring an enclosed gasket design, the batten protects against ultra-violet exposure and sealant degradation. Since battens are flush with dome panels, it eliminates ponding. They are easy to install and require less sealant than typical geodesic domes.

    CST has combined proven dome design with modern engineering and materials to produce the flush batten aluminum geodesic dome design which offers significant economic advantages.  In addition to the optimized design and superior seal technology, the OptiDome has a smooth, sleek appearance. CST is the only dome manufacturer that offers a design with no external sealant required at the nodes.

    Contact us today to get the most functional, long lasting dome solution from the world’s leading dome manufacturer.



    CST’s flush batten OptiDome is ideal for the following applications:

    Potable Water

    Aluminum domes are the preferred cover for potable water storage tanks. Whether it is an above ground elevated water storage application, the aluminum dome is the most durable and lowest lifetime cost solution for thousands of water districts in North America and throughout the world. No other cover design has the corrosion resistant properties of aluminum domes which makes it ideal for tough outdoor environmental challenges.


    CST Covers domes help operators achieve regulatory compliance and bring new levels of cost efficiency to storage facility operations. By helping control hazardous vapor emissions and preventing water intrusion, our domes provide environmental and stored product protection and reduce lifetime maintenance and operating costs.


    Clear-span aluminum domes provide cover to wastewater tanks while still allowing for space to accommodate process equipment underneath or on top of the dome. Aluminum’s superior corrosion resistance make sit the ideal material for corrosive wastewater applications. Lightweight dome structures are easy and fast to install reducing downtime in municipal and industrial treatment operations.

    Bulk Storage

    CST Covers aluminum domes are custom designed around a bulk storage facilities specific clearance requirements, basin configuration and bulk handling equipment. Structurally efficient and lightweight, they maximize bulk storage capacity, minimize foundation costs and provide dependable protection from the elements while remaining virtually maintenance free.

    Architectural Structures

    Aluminum domes are utilized in many different and varied architectural applications. The unique ability of aluminum to weather tough environmental conditions makes it a strong choice of architects and engineers for covers and structures for theaters, gymnasiums, atriums, vaults and custom building envelop shapes and geometric designs.



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