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Oil and Gas - Petrochemical

CST has been providing storage and cover solutions to the oil and gas and petrochemcial industries since 1893.

OilGas - Petrochem

Your process needs to be up 24-7. CST provides you that comfort.


Focus on Oil and Gas - Petrochemical

CST has been supplying storage tanks and covers to the petroleum products industry for more than 100 years under the names of Columbian Steel Tank™, Temcor, Conservatek® and Columbian TecTank®. We have pioneered the use of geodesic aluminum domes bolted steel storage tanks in this industry and are the only company in the world who carries an independently audited API-12B monogram certification. CST supplies storage tanks and covers for applications including:

  • Crude Oil Storage
  • Terminal Storage
  • Pipeline Storage
  • Drilling Fluids
  • Fuel Oil and distillates
  • Frac Water

CST Covers supplies geodesic aluminum domes through active master service agreements with practically all the world's leading petroleum producers.

CST Storage and their TRICO BOND EP® thermally cured and factory applied coating system has been field proven in tens of thousands of tanks installed in petroleum applications. Our system provides the maximum corrosion protection even when storing strong caustics, acids, brines and sour crude and other petroleum products.