CST’s attention to detail goes beyond proprietary structural members but carries over to creative and unique cladding systems and finishes.


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    • Cladding is more than just the materials, its a system.  Designing cladding involves considering how the materials are supported, their spanning capacity, how they expand and contract relative to one another and how they will withstand the elements when they are first fabricated and well into the future.

    While some companies consider cladding a second thought, CST makes it an integral part of the total solution from the early conceptual stages.  In fact, geometry is generated based on the spanning and structural capacity of the selected cladding component itself.

    • With standard systems and custom engineering capabilities, no one can match CST’s portfolio and ability to meet the demands of our customers for creative solutions that will surpass expectations.

    CST’s cladding support systems are:

    • Extremely Versatile
    • Integrated into the structural framework or attached directly to the outer chord of the structure
    • Fabricated from aluminum components, eliminating dissimilar material reaction
    • Utilize custom extrusions for optimization of the cost structure.

    As a defining element of a building envelope, our cladding systems offer a degree of versatility rarely found in the architectural field.  We often clad with but are not limited to glass, polycarbonate, fabric, metal panels, acrylic skylights, corrugated decking, and insulated roofing materials.



    Design flexibility is among the SpectraForm system’s most compelling advantages. Indeed, each configuration creates its own unique elegant statement.




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