• HydroTec MB_CST
    • A Better Choice For Your Mobile Temporary Storage Needs

      CST is your source for an engineered mobile storage system with structural integrity – grounded in approved design standards – all at a comparable cost to existing options.

      HyrdoTec MB features a standard chime panel, epoxy coated tank design with gaskets that has a single or double 40mil LLDPE liner bolted into the tank. HydroTec MB can be designed with one or two rings. It is easily expandable for greater capacity and is pre-engineered for a dome or cover if needed. The HydroTec MB Mobile Temporary Storage Tank is a more versatile, cost effective solution for your storage requirements.

      Safe, Fast and Experienced Construction

      CST’s simple construction methods, outstanding documentation and training, and onsite construction support anywhere in the world is a major asset to the customer. Every HydroTec MB panel is precision manufactured in CST’s ISO 9001:2015 Certified facility. HydroTec MB can be safely constructed on grade with minimal site preparation and footprint. 

    Size Availability
    Dimensions # Rings Capacity Estimated Construction Time # Trucks
    Barrels Gallons Cubic Meters
    59′ x 10′ 1 4,722bbls 200,000gal 757m³ 2 Days 1
    83′ x 10′ 1 9,254bbls 390,000gal 1476m³ 3 Days 2
    119′ x 10′ 1 18,886bbls 795,000gal 3009m³ 4 Days 2
    178′ x 10′ 1 42,494bbls 1,785,000gal 6757m³ 6 Days 3
    48′ x 20′ 2 6,202bbls 260,000gal 984m³ 2 Days 1
    59′ x 20′ 2 9,690bbls 405,000gal 1533m³ 2 Days 2
    83′ x 20′ 2 18,993bbls 800,000gal 3028m³ 3 Days 2
    125′ x 20′ 2 42,733bbls 1,800,000gal 6814m³ 4 Days 4


    For use with Water, Frac Water, Brackish Water, Flowback, Produced Water and Other Liquids Required for Oil and Gas Production.

    Modular Storage System_CST HydroTec MB Storage Tank

    HydroTec MB™ is a mobile temporary storage tank. Built on grade so minimal site prep is required, HydroTec MB tanks are expandable, portable and adaptable. In most cases, permits are not required for transportation and construction of HydroTec MB. Construction on site is safe and fast, by trained customer personnel or by professional certified CST teams.

    Rugged and reliable, HydroTec MB tanks provide a responsible, eco-friendly solution and an overall better environmental choice. HydroTec MB tanks feature minimal inventory needs and easy repair solutions due to their precision engineering and modular design.




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