05/28/19 – Kansas City, MO – CST Industries, Inc. the world’s largest and leading bolted tank and aluminum dome manufacturer is proud to announce our teaming up with Conversion Technology, Inc. (CTI), IEP Technologies, and The Tennant Company to co-host an educational seminar on the ever-growing topic of dust hazards, design approaches and retrofit issues.

The Combustible Dust Seminar will be held on Tuesday, June 18th from 3-6pm, with a BBQ and Beer QA Session following immediately after. For attendees convenience, the seminar is located in San Antonio, TX, where this year’s NFPA Conference and Expo will be taking place. The seminar will cover everything from understanding of terminology and regulations, cause/effect in facilities operations, and silo design rules from applicable NFPA guidelines.

“This team of experts are experienced and positioned to provide comprehensive dust explosion solutions for NFPA 652 compliance in meeting the new regulation for Combustible Dusts,” said Tom DeDonder VP of Construction for CST Industries. “Any facility that processes or handles combustible solids or dusts, such as food products, wood, plastics, and metals should take preventative measures in identifying and managing the potential fire and explosion hazards present during normal operations at an industrial facility,” DeDonder adds.

Over the past several decades, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as well as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) have been expanding and enforcing regulations and standards designed to lessen the potential for disasters in facilities that handle combustible dusts. In mid-year of 2018 alone, according to the Combustible Dust Report, there were 89 recorded fires and 26 recorded explosion incidents in industries handling combustible dust.

The new combustible dust standard NFPA 652 mandates full compliance by 2020.

Registration for the seminar in San Antonio, TX is available at dusthazardseminar@cstindustries.com. For more information on Combustible Dust Testing, please visit us at cstindustries.com.

About CST Industries

CST is the largest dome and storage tank manufacturer in the world. CST’s global network includes manufacturing facilities and technical design centers and multiple regional sales offices that are located throughout North America and the United Kingdom. International offices are in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Singapore, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. Currently, more than 350,000 storage tanks and 19,000 covers have been installed in 125 countries throughout the world.

About CTI

Conversion Technology Inc., CTI, is an environmental and safety engineering firm with experience helping clients nationwide. In the past thirty plus years, CTI has gained extensive knowledge and experience assisting a wide array of industries in effectively obtaining and maintaining environmental, health, and safety compliance, and in identifying and analyzing hazards such as those associated with combustible dust.  CTI is a member of NFPA, assisting with the development of standards for combustible dust, and has decades of experience conducting process and dust hazard analyses.

About IEP Technologies

Safety and the risks associated with industrial explosions are the focus of efforts to create awareness of these dangers within a wide range of global industries. HOERBIGER offers highly effective safety solutions that are tailored to the customers’ specific needs, under the HOERBIGER, IEP Technologies and Newson Gale brands.

The IEP Technologies, Newson Gale and HOERBIGER brands are strategically managed by the global Safety Division. IEP Technologies supports its global customer base through 13 regional offices and are market leaders for industrial explosion protection solutions. Explosion prevention solutions through electrical grounding and bonding are offered under the Newson Gale brand. The HOERBIGER brand is synonymous with reliable pressure relief for engines and compressors.

About The Tennant Company

The Tennant Company, manufacturer’s representatives specializing in bulk material storage, handling, and processing spanning multiple industries including, aggregate, chemical, food, environmental, oil and gas, etc.

For more information contact:
Tom DeDonder
Vice President of Construction Services
CST Industries, Inc.