04/27/2016 – Kansas City, MO – Building on its 100+ year’s legacy as the world’s leading bolted steel tank, silo and aluminum dome manufacturer, CST Industries, announces an exciting strategic expansion with Texas Aquastore.

The expansion of Texas Aquastore will cover an additional three (3) state territory in the southwest region of the United States including New Mexico, Arizona and Southern Nevada.

Tim Carpenter, CEO, CST Industries, Inc. says “We are thrilled to be able to work with Texas Aquastore to expand their reach in this region of the US. CST, Texas Aquastore and Florida Aquastore have enjoyed a 30-year relationship expanding the Aquastore® brand reach throughout the southern United States as well as the Caribbean including the installation of over 600 tanks.

We look forward to our continued success together.” He adds, “Along with our trusted Dealer Network, we are the #1 supplier for tanks, domes and installation in North America and beyond. Customers choose CST for our market leading product portfolio along with our experienced and knowledgeable Dealer Network to ensure that we provide the right product for the right applications. These partnerships extend that capability and ensure that we are providing our loyal customers with top level service, innovative products and over a century of experience.”

CST Industries is the complete storage system provider for engineering and manufacturing professionals in thousands of different industries and applications throughout the world. The company is the global leader in the manufacture and construction of factory coated metal storage tanks, aluminum domes and specialty covers.

CST’s existing company portfolio consists of CST Storage, CST Covers and Vulcan Tanks. The company’s global network includes manufacturing facilities and technical design centers located in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Texas, California, Georgia and the United Kingdom. Regional sales offices are located throughout North America and in Mexico, Argentina, United Kingdom, Dubai, Singapore and Vietnam. CST Industries maintains its headquarters in Kansas City, MO. International offices are located in Brazil, United Kingdom, India, Singapore, Vietnam and Dubai. Currently, more than 350,000 CST tanks and over 18,000 covers have been installed in 125 countries throughout the world.