06/13/2016 – Kansas City, MO – Building on its 100+ year legacy as the world’s leading bolted steel tank, silo and aluminum dome manufacturer, CST Industries, announces the expansion of their product portfolio with TecTank FP, a jackable flat panel bolted tank for the Dry Bulk marketplace. TecTank FP was designed based on the heritage of industry leading designs from Peabody TecTank, Columbian Steel Tank and Columbian TecTank. The new addition extends CST’s dry bulk, heavy industrial product portfolio in order to meet the needs of their sharply growing global customer base. To-date (21) tanks have already been ordered to be installed within the United States over the next several months.

The new design of TecTank FP includes an optimized bolt pattern, increased steel thickness, reduced hardware and fewer penetration points. The new jackable flat panel bolted design is superior to competitive designs in the dry bulk industry and will be available in short lead time pre-configured model and fully customizable designs.

“Through lean development processes, CST reinvigorated its product development and innovation processes with the new TecTank FP design—and is now delivering a more substantial value to its customers and to the company as a whole,” said Tim Carpenter, President and CEO at CST Industries, Inc.

“CST is committed to meeting the needs of our customers,” said Jay Anzelmo, Director of Dry Bulk Sales at CST Industries. “This addition to our product portfolio ensures that our customers have a complete line of engineered storage systems available to truly provide our customers with what they have told us they need…options. Because of the shear diversity of industries we serve, the types of materials stored and the capacity required, and each installed in a completely unique location – the market dictates supplier flexibility.

With the addition of CST’s TecTank FP, CST becomes the only tank supplier in the world to provide both a flat-panel, jack-built tank and a chime-panel (CP) scaffold built tank, capable of safely and economically being installed on every diverse site condition imaginable. We are no longer limited to 1 or 2 design styles or erection methods like other tank suppliers; now, we are truly able to fulfill the commitments asked for by our customers.”

CST is the pioneer in jacking tanks, a process that began in the 1940s for jack building grain bins and silos in the agriculture market. The jacking system utilized on the new TecTank FP is the first ever jacking system designed by licensed professional engineers and Proof Load Tested by a third party lab. Tanks are jack-built from the ground up, allowing for faster construction. Today, CST has over 350,000 tanks installed worldwide, serving thousands of markets with an EMR rate reported well below the industry standard.

“CST is constantly evolving and developing new ways to further engrain our value proposition as the complete storage tank solution provider for customers. This extension elevates our capability to respond to our customers’ desire for one-stop shopping,” says Jon Dilley, VP of Global Marketing at CST.

CST’s existing company portfolio consists of CST Storage, CST Covers and Vulcan Tanks. The company’s global network includes manufacturing facilities and technical design centers located in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Texas, California, Georgia and the United Kingdom. Regional sales offices are located throughout North America and in Mexico, Argentina, United Kingdom, Dubai, Singapore and Vietnam. CST Industries maintains its headquarters in Kansas City, MO. International offices are located in Brazil, United Kingdom, India, Singapore, Vietnam and Dubai. Currently more than 350,000 CST tanks and over 18,000 covers have been installed in 125 countries throughout the world.