05/13/2017 – CONROE, Texas – CST Industries, the world’s leading dome manufacturer, streamlines manufacturing of the innovative flush batten aluminum geodesic dome design, OptiDome®. The OptiDome is specifically designed to be fully compliant with AWWA, Eurocode and the latest torsional buckling requirements adopted by the Aluminum Design Manual (ADM), and the International Building Code.

The strengthened double web I-beam design along with the flush batten provide unmatched value designed to improve the operational performance of the dome in any application. After 15 successful installations across all major markets including, Water, Wastewater, Oil, Gas and Architectural, CST announces the standardization of the OptiDome design across all municipal projects. CST manufactures the OptiDome exclusively in the U.S. with manufacturing facilities based out of Conroe, Texas and Rincon, Georgia.

OptiDome, supported by the Temcor and Conservatek legacies and their unmatched experience of 80+ years with 18,000 covers in over 90 countries, features a double web I-beam for strength and stability and optimized batten seal technology eliminating environmental exposure and UV degradation. New hub cover technology removes the need for exterior sealant at the nodes, eliminating routine maintenance and inspection requirements.

“Extensive testing across multiple applications, climates and geographical regions have been conducted on the OptiDome® system to ensure a structurally sound and leak tight cover with the new flush batten design. We’ve modified and optimized several components to create a premier standard design that is simple to install, allows for streamlined fabrication and that exceeds the performance that our customers have grown to expect,” exclaimed John Delaney, VP of CST Covers, Inc.

“Customers will be getting a design that is not only compliant with the latest design codes but also have the benefit of an innovative, robust design with economic advantages and greater aesthetic appeal. OptiDome provides CST customers with unmatched performance and superior structural stability, functionality, and aesthetics to any current market offering,” said Greg Hentschel, VP of Engineering for CST Industries.

“With the launch of the OptiDome, flush batten and double web I-beam, we are proving our global customers with a superior performing product and design. In addition, the design allows us to further advance our operational excellence to drive continued innovation and success,” said Tim Carpenter, CEO and President of CST Industries.

The new OptiDome from CST is a simple, innovative and unequaled choice for a long-term cover solution. For more information please visit us at www.cstindustries.com.

CST’s existing company portfolio consists of CST Storage, CST Covers and Vulcan Tanks. The company’s global network includes manufacturing facilities and technical design centers located in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Texas, California, Georgia and the United Kingdom. Regional sales offices are located throughout North America and in Mexico, Argentina, United Kingdom, Dubai, Singapore and Vietnam.

CST Industries maintains its headquarters in Kansas City, MO. International offices are located in Brazil, United Kingdom, India, Singapore, Vietnam and Dubai. Currently more than 350,000 CST tanks and over 18,000 covers have been installed in 125 countries throughout the world.