02/22/2017 – Kansas City, MO – CST Industries, Inc., the world’s largest and leading tank and dome manufacturer announces the new Gearbox for CST’s Harvestore XL Unloader™. The iconic Harvestore has been around since the mid-1940s with silos 50 years old still in service today. The Harvestore XL Unloader™ Gearbox is a Harvestore BLUEPRINT Part and can be retrofitted to the XL 200 and XL 400 Unloaders with ease. The new technologically advanced design provides extended bearings for better drive shaft support, regreasable bearings to prevent bearing contamination, and an integrated drive shaft for reduced clearances and improved gearbox life.

CST’s new Gearbox is a result of CST’s commitment to an ongoing product development and improvement program. CST has further developed the technology in the Harvestore Gearbox to provide a design that meets the ever-growing demands of today’s modern feeding systems.

Harvestore’s new XL Unloader™ provides the foundation for lower maintenance, bigger, better and faster performance,” said Greg Hentschel, VP of Engineering at CST Industries Inc.

“Today, farms are becoming more and more automated, and Harvestore is part of that process. New Harvestore storage systems are better than ever with a proven track record of high return on investment, convenience and speed to load and unload. CST will continue its commitment to innovation in our products and provide our customers with the greatest solutions. We are proud of our products and what they are doing for the farming community,” said Tim Carpenter, President & CEO of CST Industries, Inc.

CST continues to invest in the highest level of R & D for ongoing product improvement. CST’s customer commitment remains to provide the best quality product available in the market today for agricultural storage solutions. For more information on the Harvestore XL Unloader™ Gearbox, visit us at www.cstindustries.com.

About CST

CST’s existing company portfolio consists of CST Storage, CST Covers and Vulcan Tanks. Six manufacturing facilities and technical design centers and multiple regional sales offices are located throughout North America and the United Kingdom. International offices are located in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. Currently, more than 350,000 Tanks and 18,000 Covers have been installed in 125 countries throughout the world.