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Covers for BioEnergy Storage

CST has the most comprehensive line of roof and cover options for BioEnergy applications.

BioEnergy Storage Tanks

CST has been designing and manufacturing bioenergy storage tanks and covers for more than 30 years.


Multiple Tank Cover Options

BioEnergy Storage Solutions include the industry's best cover options for digester applications. The gas zone of a digester is the most corrosive area and requires appropriate design.

Along with this corrosiveness, there are many other factors (environmental, mixer loads, pressure, vacuums, ancillary equipment loads, etc.) that need to be considered in cover selection. CST Storage can design and engineer the right solution from the multiple cover types in its portfolio.

Externally Supported Roof

Externally Supported Roof:

The most common roof design in the industry with a smooth internal roof surface and no rafters. Used when moderate to high pressure or vacuum design limits are anticipated. It is also preferred when there are heavy load conditions expected from mixers and/or other ancillary equipment is installed in the cover.

Knuckle Roof

Knuckle Roof:

An option for smaller diameter storage tanks, a knuckle roof is best suited for lighter pressure and vacuum applications with no load bearing requirements. Fabricated from stainless steel to provide excellent gas zone longevity.

Dual Membrane Covers

Dual Membrane Covers:

Designed to operate in applications with low to moderate gas pressures where there is not a design requirement for a fixed steel or aluminum cover. Multiple layers and optional center support structures are utilized depending on design considerations.

Membrane Gas Holders

Membrane Gas Holders

CST can provide membrane gas holder that are commonly used in conjunction with other storage vessels to store and regulate gas form the process and send it to the generating set or flare device.



CST provides the widest range of cover options available that will meet pressure ranges from 2" of vacuum pressure to 24" of positive pressure and handle loads from prop mixers and other equipment.

Biofuel Storage and Processing

CST provides roofs coated with our proprietary epoxy system , glass-fused-to-steel porcelain enamel, stainless steel and other alloys. Whatever your biofuel storage design, we can provide the right roof and cover solution.

Biogas Storage

We have the storage options you need for biogas. CST provides secure steel roofs and membrane gas holders depending on your process design and specifications.

Biomass Storage

We provide multiple roof designs that can be utilized on bolted steel, welded steel,concrete and other types of Biomass storage silos and tanks designs.