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Slurrystore® allows manure to be stored for months, agitated for a consistent nutrient blend resulting in fertilizer savings and increased productivity.


Slurrystore is an above-ground positive containment structure that requires no fencing and helps ensure against leaching.


Consistent Nutrient Value - Agitation Makes the Difference

The ability to agitate its full contents makes a Slurrystore® System much different than lagoons or concrete pits. Neither of these storage options is better at achieving consistent nutrient balance than Slurrystore. Using its center agitation system, a Slurrystore evenly blends manure nutrients to maximize overall value for crop production needs. That translates into less purchased fertilizer and utilization of “waste” to generate a positive return.

Environmentally Sound

A Slurrystore is an above-ground positive containment structure engineered to the highest standards. With greater environmental concern and stricter governmental regulations on the horizon, Slurrystore is clearly the best choice for environmentally sound manure management.

  • A Slurrystore is designed and constructed using bolted glass-fused-to-steel panels for secure storage and high corrosion resistance.
  • As above ground positive containment, a Slurrystore minimizes the danger of run-off, leaching and ground water contamination compared to earthen lagoons, concrete pits or other storage methods.
  • Odor control also makes Slurrystore environmental friendly. Since a Slurrystore is above ground, a “chimney effect” is created, releasing any odors above ground level into higher air currents. When unagitated, it will often form a crust on the top layer sealing odors in while bottom filling reduces the amount of surface disturbance.

Regulation Ready

Slurrystore Systems are ready for existing and new regulations.

  • NRCS approved
  • EQIP qualified
  • Designed for North American climate range
  • Can be engineered for specific locations
  • Solution for seasonal manure application restrictions

System Flexibility

Slurrystore is designed to meet individual owner needs.

  • Expandability
  • Cover Options
  • Smaller Footprint
  • Relocation
  • Digester Applications


The Slurrystore storage tank is ideal for the following applications:

Manure Storage

Environmental regulations addressing ground water contamination and phosporous runoff, as well as larger livestock operations, are driving customers toward more reliable, durable, leak-free manure storage solutions. CST's slurrystore tanks are meeting these challenges and supporting them with outstanding local support.

BioEnergy/Anaerobic Digesters

CST's agricultural digester market continues to rapidly grow on the heels of Slurrystore's reputation for durability and its price competitiveness over stainless steel tanks. With numerous integrated cover and tank solutions all over the world, CST has made choosing the right digester envelope easier and more reliable.