The Al-Araimi Shopping Complex in Muscat, Oman now features a unique combination of old and new. The center is one of the first American style shopping centers and features a large 60′ X 150′ atrium over the center of the three floors of shops. The Omni*Hub system forms a spaceframe that supports a unit membrane cladding system – an exterior membrane and an interior membrane with fiberglass insulation between them.

The membrane unit allows light to pass through and provides a unique clerestory effect with 15% light transmission around the perimeter and 3% on the roof area. The Omni*Hub system was assembled at one end of the atrium opening and rolled out to cover the area. The assembly crew used two cable pulleys to easily roll the spaceframe down the parapet walls.

Client: Al-Araimi Establishment, Muscat, Oman
Architect: Quorum Design Workshop and Trading, Muscat, Oman
Contractor: Oman Transport and Contracting, Muscat, Oman