The symbolic pyramid form was chosen for the American Gas Association Pavilion, since the Egyptians worshipped the Sun God Ra, the source of all energy. The spaceframe was assembled in two sections and lifted into place. The large pyramid was assembled from the top down, at the starting points and more added, as shown in the picture. The spaceframe above Wendel shows the attractive reflectiveness that bright dipped anodizing can provide to a spaceframe.

Features and Benefits:

  • One large (56′ X 56′) and three small pyramid spaceframes together to form an attractive pavilion at the World’s Fair `82 in Knoxville, TN
  • Tennessee
  • Spaceframe 8′ X 8′ module using 2″ X 2″ members anodized finish to provide a reflecting sparkle
  • Marine blue vinyl on polyester membrane suspended within the framework
  • Fast erection – four days
  • Lightweight – 10,000 pounds

Client: American Gas Assn.,Washington, DC