Aquastore Wastewater Equalization Storage Tanks

08/24/2018 – Kansas City, MO – CST Industries’ authorized dealer, Florida Aquastore, has recently completed construction on three (3) one-million-gallon glass-fused-to-steel Aquastore® Raw Wastewater Equalization Tanks for Manatee County at the county’s North Water Reclamation Facility in Palmetto, FL.

“We are very pleased to have installed our high-quality Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel tanks at the North Water Reclamation Facility,” said Matt Whelchel, President of Florida Aquastore. “The original request had come to provide budgetary pricing for a single three (3) million-gallon glass-fused-to-steel EQ tank, but the site had footprint constraints which made a single, large-capacity tank an impossible choice.”

Florida Aquastore, CST’s authorized dealer, met with the county’s consulting engineer, Kimley-Horn and Associates to discuss options. After several options were proposed, the decision was made to pursue the design of three (1 MG) one-million-gallon tanks that could be sited close to one another. The final design had the three (3) 87’ dia. x 25’ Aquastore tanks located with approximately 5’ between the respective tank foundations.

“Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel tanks were selected due to the unique way they are built, utilizing a series of synchronized mechanical construction jacks, there is no need for expensive cranes or scaffolding during the construction process,” said Matt Whelchel, President of Florida Aquastore. “Tight footprints are no problem and allow the owner to save valuable space at often-crowded treatment plants.”

Manatee County was no stranger to the benefits of glass-fused-to-steel Aquastore tanks. A decade earlier, their first Aquastore Tank was built at the same North Facility, a 98’ dia. x 19’ (1 MG) sludge storage tank to replace an old welded steel tank that was demolished and removed. The county employed a clever design which incorporated the use of the welded tank’s existing 100’ diameter supportive concrete floor slab to act as the floor of the new Aquastore tank saving considerable costs. The new tank was a success and the same concept was used again seven years later to replace two additional aging welded steel tanks with two new 98’ dia. x 19’ Aquastore (sludge storage) tanks.

Steve Cruz, Maintenance Supervisor at the Manatee North Water Reclamation Facility, said,” the Aquastore Tanks have been very good, very dependable tanks. We’ve been utilizing them for a decade and we are very happy with them.”

“The new Aquastore tanks will serve this community extremely well by providing low-maintenance benefits for many years to come,” said Peter Boccagna, Sales Manager for Florida Aquastore.

All Aquastore liquid storage tanks are manufactured exclusively in the USA with only USA steel and are supported by the world’s most experienced Local Authorized Dealer Network. For more information on CST’s glass-fused-to-steel technology, please visit us online at

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