08/31/2016 – Conroe, TX – CST Covers, a subsidiary of CST Industries, is currently in the construction phase on the A.E. Wood Coliseum, as designed by Cooke Douglass Farr Lemons Architects and managed by Probity Construction

CST Covers is proud to announce the commencement of construction on the recently awarded project for the renovations at the Mississippi College A.E. Wood Coliseum “Golden Dome” in Clinton, Mississippi. Hosting Mississippi College Choctaws basketball and volleyball games, graduations, concerts and summer camps, the A.E. Wood Coliseum remains one of Clinton’s landmarks.

The original 195’ diameter dome is one of the most recognizable architectural structures in the Clinton community that is visible to thousands of motorists each day along I-20. With a square foot area of 48,000, the Dome can occupy 3,500 people for basketball games, 4,000 for stage events and an arena including 532 theater seats. The Dome is fully equipped with dressing rooms for Mississippi College athletic teams (men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, volleyball, softball, track, and soccer) and visiting teams as well. The upper deck portion of the Dome includes office space for Mississippi College athletic staff.

Dedicated in 1977, the “Golden Dome” is currently undergoing extensive repairs. The project cost has been estimated at approximately $2.7 million. Improvements will focus on building repairs following damage from a 2013 hail storm; exterior repairs and refurbishing, LED lighting upgrades and retrofitting new suspended interior acoustical and insulation panels.

“CST Covers is very excited to have been recently awarded the contract for the interior modifications to the existing CST heritage dome. The development of the unique system that satisfied all of the project’s requirements involved creativity, adaptability and expertise that only CST Engineering staff can render,” says Grace Ferretti, Global Business Development Manager of CST Covers.

The architect and building engineers were challenged by defining the scope of work that not only refurbished the dome to its original state but also improved its functionality, increased its lifespan and updated the interior with a modernized aesthetic. The challenge for CST first came from reverse engineering the structure to define the locations in 3-dimensional space that were available for the attachment of the suspended system. Once this was defined, CST Engineers were able to design the retrofitting structural system and geometric framework that supported the multifunctional insulation panels.

CST Construction teams are on site currently installing the framing and insulated panels with the use of multiple man lifts.

CST Covers has supplied over 18,000 covers in more than 90 different countries and offers multiple structural high strength aluminum design solutions including domes, vaults, extruded flat covers, formed flat panel covers, truss supported covers, spaceframes as well as custom products specifically designed for customers unique vertical and overhead applications.

CST Covers maintains manufacturing facilities and technical design centers in Gardena, California; Conroe, Texas; and Rincon, Georgia.