09/08/2016 – Kansas City, MO – CST Industries, Inc., the world’s largest and leading tank and dome manufacturer announces the next innovation in edgecoat technology: Edgecoat II™, the superior defense against corrosion in glass-fused-to-steel tanks. Corrosion is the #1 enemy of storage tanks, but tank owners have an ally in the battle against corrosion.

Using Edgecoat II technology that conforms to Porcelain Enameling Institute guidelines (PEI-101), CST has further developed the technology to provide a glass coating to maximize protection where the panel is most prone to corrosion: the edges.

“Other glass tank providers don’t coat the edges, leaving only the sealant or gasket between the tank and possible corrosion,” says Greg Hentschel, VP of Engineering at CST Industries. Inc., “Through years of experience and history, we know that sealant is not the answer to sheet edge protection. We mechanically round the sheet edges to a specific radius which allows us to apply a consistent, seamless glass coating to the sheet edges—resulting in unmatched protection.”

Edgecoat II is the leading solution for the municipal water market, reducing maintenance costs over the life cycle of the tank. Edgecoat II edge encapsulation maximizes corrosion protection by eliminating exposed, uncoated steel. Edgecoat II is a result of CST’s commitment to an ongoing product development and improvement program. This continuous innovative Edgecoat technology is the only process in the world that provides optimum glass encapsulation on all (4) four sides of the rectangular sheet edges. CST took the best Edgecoat technology in the world and made it better with Edgecoat II.

“This is the next generation in protection for glass-fused-to-steel tanks and a continued commitment to innovation in our products to provide our customers with the greatest solutions,” says Tim Carpenter, President & CEO of CST Industries, Inc. “With the steel providing the structure and the glass coating providing the protection, Aquastore’s Edgecoat II glass-fused-to-steel solution outperforms any competing technology in the municipal water storage market. We have been manufacturing glass tanks for over 67 years, and we’re proud to be the leading innovator, offering premium products to our valued customers.”

CST continues to invest in the highest level of R & D for product improvement. CST’s customer commitment remains to provide the best quality product available in the market today for all water and wastewater applications.

CST’s Aquastore®, Harvestore®, Slurrystore® and Nutristore™ glass-fused-to-steel products are now manufactured with Edgecoat II, continuing CST’s commitment to industry-leading solutions in both the municipal and agricultural storage markets. For more information, contact +1-913-621-3700.

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