Wastewater treatment is tough on tanks. Our clients demand consistent tank performance that meets strict environmental standards and regulations. Every tank, no matter how well engineered and constructed, has its limits.  When the operators of a municipal wastewater treatment facility in a small Midwest city found their tank had expanded due to over-pressurization during an upset condition, they were glad they had chosen CST.

CST tanks are the premier choice for liquid and dry bulk applications because they are backed by unparalleled service and maintenance. The tank in question stores soda ash which is used as a buffer to reduce pH levels. A buildup of excessive pressure had caused the tank to bulge at the top, which damaged the shell at the top and the deck.

The tank is situated snugly inside a building with less than two feet of clearance on the sides and just under seven feet of clearance at the top. Add in the fact that the client wanted to add three feet of capacity to the tank and this was going to be no ordinary repair job, but CST was up to the challenge.

CST developed a turnkey solution that required little or no intervention by the client. Workers disassembled the damaged panels and other tank components and removed them by hand through a roof access. They also brought in new components through the roof, and working in the cramped space not only replaced the damaged panels and deck, but also attached three feet of additional panels at the top, as well as replacing other customer equipment.

CST’s experienced personnel supervised each phase of the project – from initial approval to project completion – so the client could concentrate on maintaining uninterrupted service.

“We work with tank owners to develop maintenance management programs that are custom designed to meet the specific needs of their facility,” says Tom DeDonder, Vice President of Construction & Services. “When we’re intimately familiar with a customer’s tanks and how those tanks work in the context of their operations we can not only respond to the tough challenges but anticipate the type of maintenance a tank will require and foresee potential problems down the road.”

Your tank is an investment in the safe and reliable operations of your facility. Get the peace of mind that you deserve from the proven industry experts. From technical inspections through dedicated turnkey project management and execution, CST Services’ highly responsive team provides you with options customized to meet the short and long term demands of your business to maximize the value and life cycle of your investment.