low-profile-clear-span-covers-for-large-diameter-clarifiers(8) 75’ dia. truss supported flat covers
Sayreville, NJ 1994
Engineer: Montgomery Watson Engineers

CST Covers’ custom engineered, external trussed supported, interlocking flat panel cover systems are a proven solution for large clarifiers and aeration basins.

  • For more than thirty years CST Covers has been producing clear span aluminum domes and covers, for wastewater process tanks in applications throughout the world and in the widest variety of climates and geography. CST Covers’ low profile design minimizes air volume therefore reducing scrubber size and operating costs.

    Our experienced engineers will design an interlocking flat panel system that will take into

  • account your specific requirements and deliver years of service with virtually no maintenance or upkeep. Aluminum does not rust, rot, spall or solar degrade and is not attacked by hydrogen sulfide.

    Another CST Covers advantage….we offer single source solution…design, manufacturing and construction.

    Contact us today for the answers to you specific needs.