CST is the world’s leading provider of premium engineered bolted steel storage tanks and clear-span aluminum domes for the Oil & Gas Industries.

    For 125 years, CST Industries through its heritage of Columbian Steel Tank, Columbian TecTank®, Temcor and Conservatek® has provided innovative storage tank systems and aluminum geodesic domes to the Oil & Gas Industry.  CST pioneered the use of clear-span aluminum domes and bolted steel storage tanks for petroleum applications.  CST was the first manufacturer in the world to receive its API-12B monogram certification.  CST provides solutions for both liquid and dry storage.

    CST’s bolted storage tanks are ideal for the following applications:

    • Crude Oil Storage
    • Terminal Storage
    • Pipeline Storage
    • Drilling Fluids
    • Fuel Oil and Distillates
    • Frac Water
    • Frac Sand
    • Flare Stacks

    CST Products Servicing the Oil & Gas Market Include:

    OptiDome®: The flush batten OptiDome from CST is a next generation aluminum geodesic dome that is Made in America. OptiDome sets a new standard in engineered aluminum cover technology and is ideal for both new construction and retrofit projects. OptiDome is an economical solution that requires little to no maintenance, is easy to install and provides long-term protection to valuable owner assets.  They can also be constructed quickly with usually with no interruptions of tank operation.

    OptiDome complies with API 650G, Eurocode and the latest torsional buckling requirements adopted by the Aluminum Design Manual and International Building Code (IBC 2012).

    TecTank CP:  CST took the leadership role in developing a long-term solution for storing petroleum – a volatile, corrosive material.  The ultimate result was a bolted, chime-panel tank design that API recognized in 1929.  Since then, CST has manufactured over 250,000 certified tanks.

    PetroTec®: PetroTec bolted epoxy storage tanks are ideal for upstream, midstream and downstream applications when the storage of crude oil, process water and drilling fuels are needed.  CST has invested in continuously improving upon the non-standard aspects of the API-12B monogrammed design by factory coating the panels and developing additional gasket materials.  By combining the basic API-12B design with other innovative designs, CST can also provide expanded capacities and accommodate additional cover options.

    Aquastore®:  Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel frac water storage systems are built to customers exact specifications.  Glass frit is fused to steel panels at 1,500° f for an inert barrier on interior and exterior tank surfaces to guard against weather and corrosion.

    HydroTec®:  HydroTec tanks are coated with Trico-Bond EP® or SD® epoxy formation through the OptiBond™ coating system.  All tank parts are subjected to a rigorous quality control evaluation with a high voltage defect testing procedure. 

    All CST bolted steel tanks and aluminum domes are manufactured in United States ISO 9001 Certified manufacturing facilities.  Bolted tanks are factory-coated and are shipped ready to assemble and operate at any building site in the world.

    Featured Projects

    • Dry Bulk & Liquid Storage Tanks

    • Architectural Covers

    • Aluminum Domes, Reservoir & Flat Covers