Success Stories

  • The Family Farm of the Future

    It’s an early February morning, before dawn’s first orange glow. The cows don’t wait for the alarm and they don’t care if it’s Sunday. Marcel Steen is up and out the door. His herd needs to eat, now. Boots crunching across the frozen lawn, his breath a cloud, Marcel is comforted by the knowledge that […]

  • Tank Performance “Under Fire”

    Published in the November 2016 Issue of FPC Magazine Keys to keep your fire suppression storage systems in-service with long-life, operating safely, and ready to perform when it counts. CST, Kansas City, Missouri, is a storage tank manufacturer with roots dating back to 1893 that has been supplying tanks for decades for fire protection systems […]

  • What to Consider When Selecting a Silo

    Published in the November 2016 issue of Powder & Bulk Engineering When selecting a new bulk solids silo, determining your application’s requirements in advance can help the supplier provide an efficient, cost-effective design. This article will help you identify the storage needs to include in a request for proposal to a silo supplier. Just because […]

  • After a Quarter Century, Lake Hallie’s Aquastore Tank Remains Corrosion-Free

    The Village of Lake Hallie, Wisconsin is served by a CST Aquastore® tank that’s older than the town itself. Lake Hallie was incorporated in 2003, 11 years after the tank was built. The 25-year-old tank has performed so well that the Village hadn’t given it much thought until it commissioned the construction of a brand […]

  • Fertile Ground: Aquastore Braces for North Texas Boom

    In 2008 a headline in the Denton (TX) Record Chronicle read “Small towns disappearing across the North Texas prairie.” The article was prophetic. The inexorable growth of the Dallas Ft. Worth metroplex is reshaping a part of our nation that was once the provenance of horse trainers and peanut farmers. In recent years the term […]

  • Standing Tall in Sopchoppy: Aquastore® Tank Is Built to Last

    Deep in the Apalachicola National Forest in the Florida panhandle where U.S. 319 makes a crankhandle turn lies the community of Sopchoppy. It’s an Indian name that means “dark water” or “twisted river.” In fact, the Sopchoppy River is one of the most pristine in the whole state and it attracts a crowd for boating, […]

  • One Customer, Many Tanks

    Watts Bar is like most rural utility districts. It serves 6,100 customers in parts of five counties in southeastern Tennessee, between Knoxville and Chattanooga. But one thing makes Watts Bar different from most utilities: its largest customer is a nuclear reactor. The Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, part of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), sits on […]

  • Never Tapped Out: Tanks Withstand the Test of Time

    Take a drive down I-65 south of Nashville and about the time the strains of country music give way to a chorus of songbirds and crickets you’ll know you’ve crossed the line into Marshall County, Tennessee. Towns like Chapel Hill, Cornersville, Petersburg and county seat Lewisburg dot the map, serving up the charm and peaceful […]

  • Cool Runnings: Dow Achieves Max Efficiency with Aquastore®

    Every morning when you pour a cup of coffee or tear open a package of frozen waffles, the science of Dow Chemical is there to help make your breakfast convenient and fresh. Dow makes high performance materials that go into food packaging, personal care products, medications and clothing—to name a few. Dow’s breadth of technologies […]

  • Saudi Arabia’s National Water Company Increases Water Storage

    In 2012 the National Water Company (NWC) of Saudi Arabia undertook the enormous project of developing 43 wells and 46 water purification stations in 27 separate locations to provide sustainable potable water systems near Riyadh. To accomplish this task in a short six-month timeframe, contractors around the world were brought in to provide the necessary […]

  • A Growing Community Expands Their Expectations

    Ron Popeil coined the phrase “set it and forget it” to sell those amazing kitchen gadgets. But the phrase applies to more than slow roasting a rotisserie chicken. Take water storage, for example. When you’re a rural district serving a vast area with limited resources and staff, you need to be able to trust your […]