Success Stories

  • An Innovative Cover Solution Extends Reservoir Life

    Styles come and go, and sometimes reappear. Take hats, for example. What’s fashionable in the 60s went out in the 70s but may come back a few decades later. However, when it comes to municipal water facilities, yesterday’s model is gone for good, replaced by a more contemporary, sustainable design.

  • Oklahoma City Expands Filtration Capability with Aquastore Tank

    Things have come a long way since the Land Run of 1889, when settlers got their water from three wells: at the train station, south of the train station and in the vicinity of Santa Fe and Main. Today, the city’s water comes from a network of six man-made lakes—much of it fed by the […]

  • Above the Big Top: CST and Bell County, Texas Put on a Blockbuster of a Show

    Even when the lead actor gets sick, the show must go on. Not only is that true in show business, but it’s also true with big entertainment venues. Keeping the lights on and the seats filled during an extended period of repairs is a testament to collaboration and intelligent design, and that’s the spirit behind […]

  • Wet Anaerobic Digestion Allows EFW Plant to Generate Almost 25,000 Megawatts Annually

    Harvest Power’s Energy Garden in London, Ontario turns organic materials into clean, renewable energy and fertilizers. Through advanced digestion technology, naturally-occurring micro-organisms produce renewable biogas energy from food scraps, grease, and other organic waste materials. The remaining digestate is turned into organic fertilizer granules. The Energy from Waste facility uses a wet anaerobic digestion technology […]

  • Grain Tanks Help Whiskey Flow at Jack Daniels

    In a world that moves too fast, it’s nice to know some people don’t believe in shortcuts. That’s the spirit behind Jack Daniel’s, America’s oldest registered distillery. Founded in 1866, Jack Daniel’s is an iconic brand that’s synonymous with whiskey. From its modest beginnings, it has grown into a global brand that is available in […]

  • CST Provides Three Engineered Dome Roofs for Fuel and Gas Distribution in Curacao

    Curaçao is a former Dutch colony – once part of what was known as the Dutch West Indies. Today Curaçao is a popular tourist destination for cruise ships and tourists seeking the Caribbean island’s sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters and colorful Dutch architecture. While tourism is the country’s largest economic source, the second pillar of […]

  • Oil’s Well That Ends Well

    Southern California is home to arresting natural beauty: palm trees, endless ocean vistas and gorgeous mountains. It is truly a land of plenty and diversity. Some say the entertainment industry rules, but in fact a variety of industries fuel the area’s economy. Blessed with a wealth of natural resources, the region is an important supplier […]

  • A Grand Storage Solution No Monkeying Around with Aquastore and CST

    Who doesn’t want to be thriving well into their 70s? At 74, Grand Lake in northeast Oklahoma is getting better with age – like an eternal Fountain of Youth. The idea for a lake was hatched in the 1930s when local leaders set out to dam the Grand River to supply water and control flooding. […]

  • Martinsburg Plant, Washington D.C. – Massive Upgrade and Expansion

    The Martinsburg plant is unusual in a number of ways. Located on the outskirts of Martinsburg the plant has a strong relationship with the local community. When other facilities were closing their doors or postponing expansion projects, the Martinsburg cement plant invested over US$500 million in a massive upgrade and expansion that brought capacity up […]