Success Stories

  • Youth is Served: Gladeville Tanks Defy Age

    There are few things in this world that get better with age. Wine, maybe. But most things in life don’t withstand the test of time, like physical objects that are exposed to the elements. When thousands of customers are relying on clean, safe drinking water there’s little margin for error. What works today has to […]

  • Are pre-configured bolted storage tanks a good fit for my application?

    Published in the June 2019 issue of International Fire Protection Magazine With over 350,000 field proven storage tank installations in more than 125 countries and a diverse product portfolio that now includes pre-configured tanks, CST understands the benefits bolted tanks can offer and how pre-configured tanks can provide the best value in the shortest lead […]

  • Taking Fire Protection to New Heights

    Published in the May 2019 Issue of FPC Magazine Chicago’s iconic skyline has a new occupant. At 76 stories, NEMA is the city’s tallest rental residence and an elegant addition to a distinguished architectural legacy. The signature high-rise property on the southwest corner of Grant Park is designed by world-renowned architect Rafael Viñoly and features […]

  • CST Installs Explosion Relief Vents, Improves Customer Safety and Profitability

    A plastics manufacturer in northeast Pennsylvania uses silos to store polystyrene fluff, which is a dry combustible material.  Storing these materials safely is crucial to quality and the bottom line.  If the product is not stored properly, an accident can not only destroy a large supply but also risk equipment failure or even worse – […]

  • The City of Petoskey Combats Odor Control with Custom Aluminum Domes

    Tucked snugly along eight miles of northern Lake Michigan shoreline, including Little Traverse Bay, the City of Petoskey, Michigan, is a resort community and prime destination for both tourists and residents. The City of Petoskey’s Department of Public Works is designed to treat 2.5-million-gallons of wastewater daily. Situated near the coastline, the wastewater treatment plant […]

  • How to Identify Value in Competing Silo Proposals

    This article aims to explain the language and terminology of supplier silo proposals and help interpret the most common units of measurement so you can make an educated comparison and an informed decision, because no matter what some people may think, a silo isn’t just a silo. During a recent client meeting, I asked how […]

  • Covina Reservoir: A Cover for the Ages

    Reservoirs come in all shapes and sizes, but that doesn’t deter the professionals who specialize in municipal water projects. Just ask the team that upgraded Cypress Street Reservoir in Covina, CA. Situated in the San Gabriel Valley about 20 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, the city of Covina serves nearly 50,000 residential water patrons […]

  • Harvestore XL Unloader Increases Storage Volume

    What’s in a Kitchen Cabinet? More Than You Think! Most people would agree the kitchen is the most important room in the house. After all, it’s where family and guests always seem to congregate. If you’re building a home, you probably invest more in the kitchen than any other room. And nothing seduces a homebuyer […]

  • Aquastore Helps Secure the Future

    Agriculture is the lifeblood of our great nation. There would be no industry, innovation or commerce of any kind without human life sustained by the meat, grains and vegetables produced in the Heartland. South Dakota’s agriculture makes a $25.6 billion economic impact every year1 , and that impact is felt throughout the country because South […]

  • Factory Welded Dry Bulk Storage Silos

    Feeding the Pasta Passion: Italgrani Bulks up Storage for Future Growth

    Everyone loves pasta, right? Americans consume one-fourth of the world’s pasta, and the average person eats nearly 20 pounds a year. So it should come as no surprise that semolina is big business. From field to factory to table, companies like Italgrani are working hard to fulfill an insatiable demand. The St. Louis based company […]

  • Defeating the Elements to Deliver More Water

    There’s iron in your well water, you’re sitting on a fault line and your soil is silty. Three strikes and you’re out, right? Not if you’re the Anna-Jonesboro Water Commission, which fearlessly prevailed against the challenges of nature with help from its allies: Aquastore®, CST and J.T. Blankinship Engineering. AJWC is a wholesale water supplier […]

  • Seven Considerations for Tanks

    When buying a water storage tank, the configuration and selection process often is something that needs to be done in the early stages of project design. To apply for and secure funding that may be available, timing of construction and overall project costs will play a factor in the determination. Because many municipalities have a […]