Success Stories

  • CST Eases the Pressure With Turnkey Maintenance Solution

    Wastewater treatment is tough on tanks. Our clients demand consistent tank performance that meets strict environmental standards and regulations. Every tank, no matter how well engineered and constructed, has its limits.  When the operators of a municipal wastewater treatment facility in a small Midwest city found their tank had expanded due to over-pressurization during an […]

  • CST Helps Iconic Candy Company Mitigate Dust Danger

    Nothing satisfies like candy. For such a simple pleasure, much goes into its production that people do not realize and even everyday ingredients like sugar must meet strict requirements for handling and safety. Sugar dust can explode when it comes in contact with extreme heat or an electrical spark. A spark from overheated equipment, for […]

  • Storing Dry Bulk Plastics? Here’s Why You Should Have Routine Tank Inspections

    Like all physical assets and equipment, the longevity and safe optimum operation of the tank is based on the condition of the asset. Scheduling regular inspections every (3-5) years and performing subsequent repairs can help identify and mitigate several potential hazards, so they can be corrected early with much less downtime and lower cost. This […]

  • Identifying and Mitigating Combustible Dust Explosion Hazards in Storage Equipment

    Pressure relief system panels around the top of a silo can help alleviate pressure and avoid combustible dust explosions. Published in the November 2019 issue of Powder and Bulk Engineering Combustible dust hazards exist in many bulk solids industries, and a dust hazards analysis can help you pinpoint potential trouble spots. This article first describes […]

  • You Can Judge This Facility by Its Cover

    Published in the October 2019 issue of WE&T Magazine Water is a precious resource. If it’s mishandled the results can be devastating from an environmental and financial standpoint. When you operate a wastewater treatment facility near the Pacific Ocean, the stakes are even higher. The Encina Wastewater Authority is based in Carlsbad, California and serves […]

  • Youth is Served: Gladeville Tanks Defy Age

    There are few things in this world that get better with age. Wine, maybe. But most things in life don’t withstand the test of time, like physical objects that are exposed to the elements. When thousands of customers are relying on clean, safe drinking water there’s little margin for error. What works today has to […]

  • Aquastore Wastewater Equalization Storage Tanks

    Natural Wonders and Manmade Marvels

    Published in the June 2019 issue of WaterWorld Magazine Situated about 45 miles southwest of Tampa, Manatee County’s lush environment needs water to thrive, and prudent management of that water is essential. Officials take water management seriously, including the methods used to recycle wastewater for irrigation and other non-potable uses. The County’s 5,300 reclaimed water […]

  • Aquastore® Tank Delivers Excellent Seismic Resistance Capabilities

    Published in the June 2019 issue of Water Efficiency Magazine On a “degree of difficulty” scale that’s a 10, the City of Calistoga services over 5,000 residents and shuffling three liquid tanks in a seismic zone without interrupting the water supply of an entire town, is one daunting task. Derek Rayner has overcome plenty of […]

  • Are pre-configured bolted storage tanks a good fit for my application?

    Published in the June 2019 issue of International Fire Protection Magazine With over 350,000 field proven storage tank installations in more than 125 countries and a diverse product portfolio that now includes pre-configured tanks, CST understands the benefits bolted tanks can offer and how pre-configured tanks can provide the best value in the shortest lead […]

  • Where the Frac Sand Goes, CST Follows

    Published in the May/June issue of Shale Water Management Magazine The US is the world’s largest producer of natural gas and oil, thanks in large part to hydraulic fracturing. Water is an indispensible part of the process, because without it there would be no way to produce the slurry that keeps fractures open to allow […]

  • Taking Fire Protection to New Heights

    Published in the May 2019 Issue of FPC Magazine Chicago’s iconic skyline has a new occupant. At 76 stories, NEMA is the city’s tallest rental residence and an elegant addition to a distinguished architectural legacy. The signature high-rise property on the southwest corner of Grant Park is designed by world-renowned architect Rafael Viñoly and features […]